Our Story


For two decades our founder Steven Green built a highly successful bath and body business in Melbourne, Australia. However, it was not the size and prosperity of this business that was Steven’s inspiration for Planet Earth, it was his farm. When not working, Steven was pursuing his passion for farming the natural expanses surrounding his country home in western Victoria. It’s here with his family, enjoying the silence by the lakefront, and taking in the rich landscape with nearly 50,000 native Australian trees, wild deer, kangaroo and koalas that Steven discovered his true purpose.

The products produced by Planet Earth come from the inspiration of Steven’s quiet and simple life. The purity that he experiences there is the power behind the all natural personal care products that are not only revitalizing for the skin, but gentle on the environment.

With the creation of Planet Earth, Steven has become inspired to move forward with his dream of cultivating a completely organic farm, and building a self sustaining home that leaves no carbon footprint. With this commitment to the quality of his products and the integrity of our planet, Steven looks progressively into the future, while keeping his feet firmly planted on the earth.


Australia is known for being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, famous for its unparalleled natural resources and stunning vistas. It’s this beautiful environment that inspires our fundamental Philosophy. Our skin comes from the earth, and therefore will naturally absorb ingredients from the earth to replenish itself. With all the marketing of various expensive, luxury products, the only real and truthful solution lies in nature. We will only formulate and sell products that are honest, natural, and beneficial to those who use them. We believe that the highest quality products can still be affordable and accessible to all, utilizing quality substances that do no harm to our environment. Planet Earth is natural, efficient, and dedicated to our customers, employees and environmental wellbeing.


The culture of our business is all-inclusive and family-oriented, with a focus on strong work ethic. Just like a farmer reaps during the harvest the seeds that they have sown, so we believe that as a team at Planet Earth we can enjoy the benefits of our hard work and dedication. We do not endorse sacrificing personal well-being and happiness for the sake of any business, and overworking is not encouraged in our offices. True joy comes from caring about what you do, and allowing that to be just one of many passions in life.


All products from Planet Earth are made from the highest quality natural compounds that are 100% free of harmful or harsh ingredients. In fact, we find ways to cultivate extracts that are as natural as possible without compromising efficiency. We promise that we only sell products that truly work and are well liked by our customers.

What we absolutely never include in our products are SLS, SLES, PEGs, Parabens, Mineral Oils, or Artificial Colours. Our promise is to not only be as natural as possible, but to always look for new ways to improve our products and our planet.